A humerus week

Early this week I was walking into a building to do a regular teaching job. I never got to the job. Instead I began a painful and scary week.

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Taking Time and Coming Back: A non-apology.

Well hello there! How are you? How have you been? I feel like I should apologise for (yes, again, I know) dropping off the face of the earth there for a while. And I am sorry. I’ve missed having the chats and processing my thoughts and brain dumping on you. I have.  But let me fill you in. Continue reading

Why I Vanished for a Bit, or The Tale of How Real Life Swallowed me Whole

Hello there! My utmost apologies for the radio silence. All will be explained (sort of) below. Today’s post is a *serious post*. I apologise in advance if that’s not up your street, but mental health sometimes requires me to put my ‘serious Sarah’ hat on. Regular progamming will resume shortly. Cheers in advance for hanging on with me! Continue reading