My Mental Health Everyday

Lads, I know the internet is FLOODED with Mental Health Day and Mental Health Week stuff. And the mantra ‘its ok to be not okay and it’s ok to ask for help’ has fused with public consciousness over the past while. And that’s all amazing. But I wanted to take a different tack with ye tonight.  Continue reading


Self-Care Sunday #3 (and on an actual Sunday!)

Well look at that! I’m managing to get a Self-Care Sunday post up on an actual Sunday!! Wonders will never cease. Dare I say it…am I becoming…organised? Nah, there was a good hour or two there where I was convinced it was both earlier in the day and also still yesterday, but still, I’m gonna take my victories as they come, and getting my first one of these up on the right day in a month counts in my book! Continue reading