Introducing Mála Chara

I’ve been off the reservation for a while. Part of that reason is I’ve been working away on a side project, and I’m delighted to share the story of that project with you as I head into the next exciting phase of things! So get a cuppa, and get comfortable. I would like to tell you a story. A story about a tweet, a bag, and changing a child’s life. Continue reading


All-Weather Poncho-Selling: A Uniquely Irish Experience

I’ve been a volunteer with the ISPCC for just over six and a half years. I work on the Childline online services for one shift per week, answering texts and live webchats from people under 18 on a variety of issues. I am hugely passionate about the work the ISPCC does and also help out with fundraising/advocacy where I can. This is a post about a particular piece of work I’ve been doing with them every summer for the past three years.

I’ve stood in the ┬áscorching sun (yeah, in Ireland, would you believe!?). I’ve stood in the wind that promised rain but didn’t deliver and occasionally I’ve stood in actual rain over the past few summers. I’ll tell ya, we get less of a rainy summer than we think we do! Continue reading